[9 x 9]
decimate, un/made & horny
ejected from the cities of live
bred through dutiful, us, assimi
given that we are fucked, toge
the droplet of what their possible
sycamore drip / the throats
werk this filth . decimate
twitching in the dream
in the hyperreal of this beau-
, our shaven flesh & locks, dined on
-s possible aperture & tone
-lar, our transient preoccu-
t/her, fighting for our love
eyes, climatic quits feed to
of us,, grip vines the ceiling
spring buds teeter // gaze
our gazetters, archives,
ty, this wear, fashion-bodily
black beans, corn & sugar, vagabonds,
/ eyes & text flow depriv-
remain awake, sign contin
our array aesthetic
sheer or polyester shoulders black
these basic rooms of lives our,
lines what want shoulders &
den rose hip flesh delicate
, dyke bitch being smeared colour sync
tinkers, tricksters & jailbirds <
[ [ pacify / structure––
you/r bare hands & freezing
splits sides on vinyl / give the
– sorry carries the damage into
tend/rills[,]    forgets her // meds–
in our acrylic, dubious
fledge creopolitan //
–such potential faggotry,, the
had demanded our bodies o
puzzles & crapchat ortho
wrecks talents : glam/our
queers a need to blues / in wings
true & pinned echo on its snare
scope focal & things
angelic / spines’ depth ,/
sleeve stitched fragility bare
se shades pressed to you
fascist rags, codes & division
dox / visions & wretching
flakes, grrrl forget the legible
their eyes a stop-start cabaret
saline w/ vox & lyric your /-s
rout/ines these spines from
[ ]
what waking calls skin , tended, strapped
[o]’re gorgeous pre/tend
s systematic flesh & capitals
,, focus out of drift w/ varnish
inclusive && diminished
& doesn’t come to dance , strewn
our fragile circuits ,, from thread
such breath falls,, // dissolve
[ ]
,, feminised, assembled, type
change of use anthropos
nostalgia imposed & gen
, done gold, put your warmth by the
eating twice a day, [ ] love we
in dreaming hunger known &
is the spangle departs on writ-
growth these twenty-five, the
[ ]
our scattered belonging
in your blesséd vulnerabil
der/ivative nations ,, soil [~
skin of the next grrrl , air drops off
against the national interest
synthetic, melodies rupt.
opaque undo our own straps
-se ‘90s. defabricate––
, mouths across cherry crush
-written, isolated, disappear-
-ity ,/ remember what we live